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Property Management Firms

  • Property management firms drive profit by maximizing the revenues of the properties that they service.  While real estate asset managers and apartment property owners focus on increasing net operating income; property management firms seek justification for increasing rents and total revenues.
  • Though the intent of energy efficiency incentive programs for the multi-residential housing sector is to minimize energy consumption; many energy efficiency upgrades that incentive programs provide rebates for, windows and appliances for example, increase perceived value by potential tenants and often fully justify rent increases.
  • Energy Liberty Corporation works with some of the most reputable property management firms in the industry to help them drive their clients toward property renovations that maximize the perceived value and rentability of their properties.
  • Energy Liberty Corporation consultants help property management firms understand what financial incentives are available to their clients and how they can be leveraged in order to upgrade the value and performance of their properties.
  • Energy efficient retrofits make tenants happy and eliminate associated comfort complaints that are generally delivered to a property’s management firm, not its owner.
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