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Energy Liberty Corporation is a financial analysis firm that delivers increased profitability to the commercial residential real estate community via energy efficiency consulting.  Our firm provides discriminating clients with consultations that translate the energy savings of potential energy efficiency upgrades into the financial language that real estate investment professionals require for informed decision making.   By defining potential energy savings in terms of dollars instead of kilowatts, we help clients compare the financial opportunity of potential energy efficiency upgrades with other investments and avenues of capital allocation.

The investment based insight of our seasoned real estate finance professionals, combined with the technical superiority of our energy efficiency engineers, yields true dollar savings and increased net operating income for the commercial residential property owners and managers that Energy Liberty Corporation proudly serves.  Energy Liberty Corporation clients include real estate asset managers, property management firms, the hospitality industry, institutional housing providers, apartment complex owners, real estate developers, urban redevelopment project managers, architects, contractors, municipal and utility based rebate program administrators, energy inspectors, energy raters, energy efficiency consultants, city planning officials and solar system engineers.


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