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The Hospitality Industry

  • The hospitality industry enjoys the highest rate of return on all energy efficiency upgrades and renovations because hotel properties are master metered and guests are intolerant of inadequate water heating or air conditioning.
  • For the hospitality industry, unlike apartments where tenants pay power bills, municipal and utility based incentives are rarely needed to insure that energy efficiency upgrades will be cost effective.
  • Return on investment time frames on energy efficiency upgrades run the shortest in the hospitality sector and the reduction in operating overhead drives competitive pricing and reduced vacancy.
  • New generation energy saving techniques, like transferring heat from a shower’s drain line to its incoming cold water line, reduce energy costs by capturing characteristically wasted energy.  Guests get the same shower but the hotel pays less to heat the water.
  • Your HVAC contractor will gladly sell you a larger air conditioner in order to “meet peak loads”; but maybe all you need is window tint or awnings.  Both provide equal cooling; one makes a lot of money for a contractor, the other saves a lot of money for the property owner.  What would your HVAC contractor recommend?
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