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TCAC (Tax Credit Allocation Committee of California)

The California Tax Credit Allocation Committee administers two low-income housing tax credit programs – a federal program and a state program. TCAC administers the federal and state tax credit programs for energy efficient renovations in affordable rental housing for households meeting certain income requirements. As with all government run tax incentives there is certain criteria and implementation […]

Energy Upgrade California

Investing in energy efficiency upgrades todays saves you money in two ways. Your energy reduction reduces your monthly energy bill and increases your bottom line of profitability. Federal, state and local financial incentives help reduce the expense of updating your old energy consuming appliances and facilities. Working with Energy Liberty Corporation can ensure you that […]

Build It Green (BIG)

BIG is a third-party residential green building verification system that assures your residential building meets the energy efficient guidelines for certification. Energy Liberty Corporation performs the guidance, test and certification applications for new and upgraded homes throughout California. A BIG rating is the easiest way for potential home buyer to trust that the benefits of […]
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