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Contractor and Architects

  • Our firm began business by providing contractors with the inspections mandated by energy code and financial incentive programs.  We then grew into a consulting firm that helped contractors and architects use energy efficiency rebates and financial incentives in order to make possible projects had previously been insufficiently funded.
  • Contractors and architects then returned to the expertise of Energy Liberty Corporation for guidance in using energy efficiency measures to maximizing the profitability of the projects that we had helped them convert from impossible to possible.
  • Upselling green features to property owners can often help contractors add desirable features, labor and profit to their projects without property owner resistance because the property upgrades are paid for by municipal and utility based financial incentives.
  • Energy Liberty Corporation provides the inspections that often serve as the ticket to entry for the rebates and financial incentives that utility and municipal programs offer.
  • Energy Liberty Corporation helps contractors and architects financially justify energy efficient upgrades by showing their clients that the cost of not upgrading until tomorrow is often far greater than the cost of implementing an energy efficiency upgrade today.
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