Energy Liberty Corporation is headquartered in California and proudly provides energy efficiency consulting for the commercial residential real estate markets of the United States, Mexico and Canada.  Having our roots in California, our firm is the state’s primary provider of commercial residential inspection services for verification of energy code and rebate program compliance.  Energy Liberty Corporation serves California, our nation’s energy efficiency leader, via six regional offices.

Energy Liberty Corporation dispatches highly experienced energy efficiency technicians throughout North America for the data collection necessary to launch the energy efficiency studies that we conduct.  When necessary, we contract the locally licensed inspection companies that we partner with in order to provide the verifications mandated by local construction codes, energy codes and financial incentive programs.  While property inspection and physical data collection is the first step of the consultative process, the emphasis of the studies that Energy Liberty Corporation provides lies in the energy modeling and financial analysis preformed at our corporate headquarters.

From the heating intense climates of northern Canada to the high air conditioning demands of the Mexican hospitality industry; and, from sea to shining sea of our United States of America, Energy Liberty Corporation is North America’s one stop shop for energy efficiency studies that address all aspects of physical inspection, data collection, rebate environment, efficiency engineering, financial analysis, project management, project certification and client consultation.

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Suite 202 #880087
San Diego, CA 92168
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