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Apartment Property Owners

  • Apartment property owners generally understand that energy efficiency improvements save energy but they often fail to understand how this can benefit their own profitability considering that the property owner’s tenants pay for the energy that they use. 
  • For apartment owners, the true value of energy efficiency upgrades comes in the form of increased property value and decreased maintenance and equipment replacement costs.  Energy efficiency rebates pave a path to new windows, ACs and water heaters.
  • Consider a 350 unit apartment complex that is thirty years old and still has its original, inefficient heaters.  If an energy efficiency incentive program rebates the cost of upgrading these old heaters to new energy efficient heaters, the property owner can be confident that none of these new heaters will need replacing at his cost for many years.
  • Energy Liberty Corporation helps apartment owners understand their local energy efficiency rebate programs and how to leverage those programs to maximum benefit by implementing the energy efficiency solutions that will be most cost effective for their building’s physical characteristics and financial incentive environment.
  • When property owners implement energy efficient retrofits, their tenants become more solvent and less prone to default because their overheads are reduced.  Additionally, properties can produce higher rent via the installation of new appliances or windows.
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