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Institutional Housing

  • Institutional residential campuses consult with Energy Liberty Corporations energy efficiency engineers in order to understand which potential energy efficiency upgrades will yield the highest return on their investment.
  • Much like the hospitality housing sector, the institutional housing sector (medical facilities, military housing, educational dormitories and penitentiaries) pays for the energy usage of its residents.
  • Unlike the hospitality industry, the institutional housing sector is generally more interested in insuring maximum potential energy efficiency and less interested in meeting maximum potential demand.   These environments can often cost justify the higher priced maximum efficiency air conditioning and water heating equipment.
  • Increase standard of occupancy, as opposed to the vacancy fluctuations of the hospitality industry, yield standardized and anticipatable consumption patterns that maximize the energy efficiency engineers ability to specify mechanical equipment that consistently meets demand while eternally minimizing energy consumption and costs.
  • Do your institutional housing buildings need a stronger AC system, window awnings, more insulation or a thermal envelope seal?  Energy Liberty Corporation knows.
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